Friday, 6 June 2014

time passes

Holy smokes! It has been 6 months since i last blogged.  (I'd rather say written, but i suppose that sounds a little antiquated)
We finally have warm weather. Today was paradise. No humidity,warm sun, a little breeze.
Our youngest lad just returned from a 3 week road trip with 2 of his best friends. Just before that they went to Algonquin Park for 6 days and did some pretty hefty canoeing. This road trip was a perfect ending after 5 years of co-op university education.
Edmunston,Moncton,Bay of Fundy national Park,Halifx,"Kiji" National Park,across  to New Brunswick by ferry and down to Maine,Baxter State Park,Black Mountain,Ausable,Lake Placid, and finally home.
His dog is ecstatic and we are grateful for a safe return. Part of our graduation gift was letting them use our Honda Accord, a car made for long distance driving. They loved driving it!  Loaded up with camping gear,3 lads and various extra's it handled the roads with confidence.  They were amazed at how good it was on gas.
Tuesday is their graduation. I even bought a  nice dress!

My pain, most unfortunately has not eased and in fact in some ways much worse. I will tell you, bursitis in both hips and now both shoulders is almost unbearable. damn bursa!
We have more bursa's than I ever knew about.
I did some more damage in early April when i had to hold a patient up after he went outside for a smoke at 5 a.m. He came back inside with eyes not quite focused and pretty green looking. I  held him up before he fell but he just wouldn't sit on the ground and get his head low. However,he was safe and now my thoracic spine is damaged.  A Naturopathic Doctor has been far more helpful than any medical Doctor.  A little acupuncture,massage,A535 with Arnica.
Heating pads are awesome!!!


Hawkeye BrownDog said...

Hi Y'all!

So glad everyone arrived home safely. Hope graduation went wonderfully.

My Human is so glad you are getting acupuncture. My Humans have been getting it regularly since the early 90's. We have a Chinese physician who does acupuncture. If he ever tells you to see a regular M.D. or specialist, walk don't run. They are amazing diagnosticians.

I got into some really bad mischief..y'all come check it out.

Y'all hurry on by now!
Hawk aka BrownDog

001mum said...

Looks like I haven't been keeping up with this bloggy thing. :) I am going to try acupuncture again. The pain from when I held that pt up 6 months ago has evolved into swollen hands and severe thoracic pain all night and every morning. I just saw an osteopath today and finally I have a working diagnosis or twisted and compressed C2,C3 as well as compressed Thoracic spine. darn I KNEW I had pain for a reason. Wish G.P'.s, M.D's whatever they want to call themselves would be MUCH less narrow minded. gggrrrr............ Must check in and see what BD is up to these days! Happy (just past) Canadian Thanksgiving ! xoxo

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