Tuesday, 14 January 2014


We are settled back home.

 Our power was restored late afternoon on December 29th. It took about 7 hours for the house to warm from the low of 2C  to 19C.  We came home that evening to a reasonable warmth.  The day before our pup was so reactive to external sounds in the apartment that a desperate call to our younger son ( who was at his GF's cottage) and arrangements were  made for him to take OUR pup back to the cottage. Luckily roads were clear and the hour drive (x2) was do-able. It took a lot of stress of our minds. Mind you, the cat kept howling at the coyotes!

Pup remains reactive, so I have some work to do in helping him relax. We are not sure of his triggers as often we can not hear/see them.  At this moment there are very loud EMS sirens and he doesn't even blink an eye, then 30 seconds later he is at the patio door in full bark mode over something different.
 I understand MY stress can feed a dog, but I can't quite see the sliding door "bark-bark" connection.
damn midnight squirrels?

I do have some understanding now (albeit minimal, I admit) on how we can be affected by loss of heat in a person's home, creating a very cold environment.  I lost judgment in making immediate decisions. I couldn't think properly, couldn't make plans. My judgement was affected in what was reasonable. That cold, the type that chills to the bone is an awful feeling. Appetite was lost and still hasn't returned. I didn't care what I wore, how I looked nor what I did.

 an interesting lesson in what is important.  AND how incredibly satisfying a hot shower is.

Just before Christmas-eve
n when the power was out- I had my MRI. It took 45 minutes, which is a LONG, very long time in a tight tube.  The first few moments had me in the beginnings of panic but my secret method of coping helped. A facecloth from home, sprayed with Lavender pillow spray, placed over my eyes helped me from  opening my eyes and seeing just how close that metal tube was to my face. It really works!
Those MRI results were,sadly pretty much what I expected.  Degenerative disc disease from cervical all the day down to the lumbar  discs.  Enlarging C3-C4 & C4-C5  bulging posterior osteocytes, persisting spondylolistheis and stenosis at L6-S1.
Most people have 5 lumbar discs, however I, lucky gal, have 6!  The words used in this section of the report are: scoliosis,progressive, degenerative, spondylosis,disc bulge, stenosis,more stenosis,compression of the neural sac,hypertrophic facets.more stenosis, increasing………..blah,blah

can't believe this spine I have.       not sure i can handle the future. will try not to think about it.

I started this post last night and never finished. I would edit/re-read etc HOWVER the sun is shining, so out we go for a field run.  I most certainly have my priorities in the correct order today!

from last summer,
 a swimming pool is up top and this walkway, near the lake is  under the pool!

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