Tuesday, 24 December 2013

storm survival

We are now without power for 3 days. No heat,unable to cook and darn cold in the house. Temperature was 10C when we left yesterday and today it is  5C. We have been at our eldest son's since last evening. The two of us, our two sons, the two dogs and the cat. Luckily the cat can stay in a  second (empty) bedroom and  with all his cat accessories (though he will only sleep in the cardboard box!) is quite happy,warm and safe.
A huge ice storm started Friday evening and our power went out just after midnight on Saturday.
All the trees are iced over and many have fallen. Our city is gradually restoring areas but not our area as of late this afternoon. It was impossible to walk anywhere. Gridlock was tempting the patience of inexperienced, angry,frustrated,cold and hungry drivers.  Several malls did have power and hundreds of people were trying to stay warm, get something to eat and an overwhelming population was charging up their electronics at the numerous scattered electrical outlets. Daytime driving was manageable but once darkness came it was scary to walk or drive and yet too cold to stay home. Sleeping all bundled up was quite comfortable but  we were too worried about the animals getting chilled.
Thus, the call from our son and the offer of refuge was most appreciated.

It's pretty nice to be warm and with family. It's good for our boys to "hang out" together. We walk the dogs, sit in the spare room with the cat and do dishes together. We did bring our gifts and have them ready for the morning. Perhaps my husband will pick up his dad to come here for dinner tomorrow?
We can check that the house is OK drop by to pick up the FIL and come back here. It will be a LOT of driving but if the highways are clear (they were today) the 4 hours of driving to and fro will be manageable.

We bought food for our dinner today. Not quite traditional, but it will be tasty for sure. Double Brie,prime rib (and chicken for me),scalloped potatoes,diced carrots,turnip. We had no time to do any baking (sadly maybe no shortbreads) but a cheesecake with our super fabulous self-made topping (that we invented last year) Frozen raspberries or any mixture of fruit (blueberries, strawberries,peaches etc) add to a sauce pan and heat slowly until thawed.  To sweeten we add pure maple syrup (Canadian eh?) not sure of how much, ?several tablespoons or more and slowly stir fruit until it thickens.
It was really,really good.

It's all OK. I am very, very tired and I hurt a lot.  I can now understand some of the difficulties of packing up and leaving my house under duress. Though NOT from a fire threat, flooding or other disaster it certainly was a fast moving hour.
Though the fear of personal safety was not a factor the stress of remembering medications ,essentials and dog/cat paraphernalia was intense.

I must say having a super hot shower was delightful. my God a hot shower  was sweet.

Merry Christmas!  

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Hawkeye BrownDog said...

Hi Y'all,

My Humans sympathize. They once were iced in without heat or electricity for 3 weeks.

Have a blessed Christmas,
Hawk aka BrownDog

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