Saturday, 28 December 2013


Still without power. We are in a small pocket of not yet restored electricity. Hydro says sometime in the new year (which means next week).        
It will be next year when I can go back home.

Personally I am managing quite well but the spouse has a rumbling mouthful of negative bitter words.
That's when I start to cry.

The pup is very reactive in the apartment (hallway noises) and has become even more so since my younger son left with his dog (a calming influence).
Elder son has left to stay over-night  with the girlfriend, I don't think he can handle us being here much longer. He was amazing but a little weary now, I think.
Too noisy.  between the periods of howling cat (ours) the packs of roaming yip-yip coyotes that are moving in packs through the ravine and conservations areas.
Tomorrow i think a warming centre might be my only alternative. The cat can stay here. The crate and        dog and I will manage,but I am unsure i we can stay there at night. For sure when the going gets tough i can handle almost anything,but the barking dog disturbing others has me in tears.

This morning, I hear still no power.  Unsure of what to do.

The news of a dearly loved sweet elderly uncle who passed away on Christmas Day has me also tearful, he and my Aunt celebrated 72 years of marriage also on Christmas Day,he was almost 97.

An era has passed.

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