Wednesday, 7 August 2013

more gratitudes

It has been almost a month since I last posted. My goodness! what a "fast summer' this has been!
I DID GET A NEW LAPTOP, wow! a decision was made and in the end it was easy-peasy.  I bought a re-furbished 13" Mac Pro from the on-line Apple store. I ordered it late on a Wednesday and it came before noon on the Friday!  I love it!  sleek,smooth,pretty in it's own way. I so love the lit keyboard and that was  #1 priority on my list.

my gratitude?  I made a decision and remain happy with my choice. pricy but no regrets.

The weather has cooled off,particularly in the evening. Great for sleeping.


This past weekend I had the opportunity to go on my own (no spouse) to visit my younger son.
What a treat!
A friend and co-worker was making the 5 hour drive to see her family and I, without thinking asked "oh, can I come along?" This dear sweet person gave not one seconds hesitation before saying "sure".
I AM GRATEFUL FOR HER GENEROSITY.  For only the 2nd time in my 33 years of marriage I had a few days on my own. A modern newly renovated hotel room, 23 floor! time with my son and his new dog. Dining out with him and having our own conversations about the outdoors,humanity,dogs and training,life and enjoying our new discovery of cider (yum for Irish pear cider-     double yum!).
I showered in a humungous glass shower with a rainfall feel to it, I ate sour jujubes at midnight, cuddled on my son's couch with his sweet 85 pound brindle dog and devoured crispy fish tacos with gusto, ate french toast at midnight and walked for hours with my camera. I took too much stuff with me and have great intent on doing another weekend trip with MINIMAL clothing.  It was a great to have this time away.

Pup is being a stinking adolescent and has ignored me until this evening.     grrr..........the running away  from me (even in the house)   has me grrrr..........throwing my hands up in the air (strong training basics are now determinedly being practised again and again and....) HOWEVER, I will say for the few nights  I was away this super-speedy black lab mix did not sleep well and in fact spent a lot of the night searching for me. or barking. or whining.  He missed mummy!    yes!   We now think he has some flat coated retriever in him & I am VERY pleased with that.   He runs so fast and has very,very excellent manoeuvrability. I love big BIG dogs, but don't regret for one moment his smaller size. I love this boy completely. My son's dog now is over 85 pounds and still growing. She is fitter and leaner since he adopted her and has a lovely waistline.I suggested try feeding her Horizon chicken "Pulsar" (we feed our pup the Horizon,Legacy puppy formula)
She is lean with a beautiful coat and her skin has improved and she has much more energy in the last 6 weeks.

It is still a rainy sort of summer. Now scattered tornado warnings (unusual for us) as well as thunderstorm watches and warnings. My garden is luscious and green+++  mind you the weeds are having their way......

I helped "rescue" a young man today. naw,

 that is too self important and dramatic.
I will be honest.
By observing and understanding behaviour I was able to monitor this runaway (probably a mental health patient) and alert police who were (five police cars IS a lot of police attention) intently looking for him.  I knew exactly where he was and they didn't. It is possible he was looking for the subway tracks......................
should I say more?

deep breath girl-I have gratitude that my instincts were strong.
tonight he is safe and receiving continued care and support.

I      can      not       be       more       grateful  for anything else.

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Hawkeye BrownDog said...

Hi Y'all!

Glad to hear all is well and happy times were happenin' in your absence.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

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