Thursday, 30 May 2013


I am still working on the daily gratitude thing.
Today my super-duper hi-tech temperature device says it is 34.6C without humidity. 
guess that's better than on May 12th when there was a  freezing rain/hail type storm?
so today I am grateful to wear sandals instead of boots :)

A beautiful rose from the Mother's Day bouquet from my eldest son.

Pups ears were flapping about in the high winds.  He loved the smells from the top of the bluffs.
We had an excellent walk, a quick off-leash play and then sat on a bench and shared an apple.
I was even able to read a book-but even though there is the off-leash area so many people had their dogs
 off leash OUTSIDE the area.
 They kept running up to pup and I.
  And this, mind you, is at the very top off a very high bluff with a deadly drop.

 I don't get all. 

In the middle of a busy pedestrian mall, well busy until 4:30 pm and that's
when all the government employees hi-tail it home!

The cat did it?

last weekend we had an unexpected 12 hour power outage
I brought in a few solar lights, removed then from their posts and
stuck them in a small vase. This one was placed on the stove and gave
of a decent amount of light. I didn't want pup to be in total darkness? :)

red covered bridge

last weekend for the tulip festival

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