Monday, 22 April 2013

today's gratitude

the sun is shining
before I go to work pup and I will head outside to clean off the alloy rims.
shoulda,coulda cleaned them anytime over the winter and  NOT at the last moment.        sigh 
tomorrow the snow tires come off and we bought new "summer" tires last week
the ones we wanted would have taken six weeks (geesh) to arrive, they are not high end sport tires & it was nuts to wait the 6 weeks. they are just just low profile (bump,bump,bump) and  since I love to drive and always want the all crucial superb "handling" ability as well as somewhat of a slightly softer ride we opted to go with the Michelin  Primacy mxm4
we ordered them from Tire Rack-honestly the easiest most professional service we have ever received
cross border. no problem  and they arrived in 47 hours!  no, not 48 :)  !  47!
the cost was $75 less than buying here.

pup will get his first "taste' of  flowing water, wish it was warmer. but we'll manage
and then the serious gardening will start.

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