Wednesday, 20 March 2013

today's gratitudes

1) the sun was bright today & it was still light out at 6:45 p.m.  nice longish days.

2)pup met a Great Dane and a crazy loud-mouth Cockatiel today, after a few minutes of "what  the heck is going on here, "let me at'em!"?" he settled down and ignored both with satisfying maturity. He has met two Great Danes in a week.
Gosh, they are wonderful dogs.

3) I have heard again that 5th foster pup continues to excel in his CVC duties and in his comforting abilities.

4) The fleece lined pants that i bought last October (and never really thought I'd need)  have been a
 god- send. I haven't been cold once in my treks. Tip: a silk scarf  wrapped close to my neck,then the hoodie pulled up over my cap THEN the fabulous Winter Weather coat THEN an outer scarf plus wool socks (light weight hiking) THEN my Blundstones guaranteed a comfortable outing.  oh, PLUS the those dearwarm pants and leather mitts.
Though warm, that's enough of winter.                                   another storm by noon.  :(

   oh i forgot already, i'm supposed to be filled with gratitude about something                         lol

5) I cleaned out under the kitchen sink after i heard drip, drip,drip there this morning,quite the mess of water.
It looks better, hope we can fix the drip (of course it's dry now, so who knows where the leak is) and geeeeeeesh, though it was checked in January we had MOLD in the corners.  what the heck? however, i got it all tidied up and all looks nice.
perhaps my second name could be Miss Pack-Rat? what do i need so much STUFF for?

6)the tulips and "daffy-dills" were up about 2''-  now under a ?warm covering of snow. It was nice  to see them arive and give hope..              oh,                   HAPPY SPRING!

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