Tuesday, 12 March 2013

the cat has left

Our dear 15 year old cat leaves our house in the morning after getting the "good food" (tinned Lamb).
He trots 3 doors south, with the large soft loose fur on his underbelly, swinging side to side, as he visits his fairy godmother (FGM). Cat lost weight from when he was youngster and the skin remains loose (natch) so it's quite the handful(s).    :)   He stays there for the day and keeps her company.His FGM calls us on the phone as she sends him home at dinnertime. She walks him partway and we meet her and him on the sidewalk. I know he HATES to come back to the dog house. Pup is learning respect, but that cat food is the um...  "cat's meow" and so hard for him to resist. Cat's FGM is in her late 70's and lives alone. Her spouse  died a few years ago and was the sweetest, gruffest most kind man I have ever met. When I was deeply depressed, and was sitting on the front porch,(he happened to come by to borrow something) & I started to cry over nothing it seemed, this dear gruff man stayed by my side. We didn't say much but his very presence,comfort and acknowledgment of my tears will always be dear to me. He was diagnosed with cancer the  same week our second pup was dx with puppy strangles. I would take pup (after he was vetted for 4 days),wrapped in a large soft towel and they would comfort each other on the bed. It was a horrible struggle, he had brain,liver,spine and stomach cancer.
I miss him. He would drive by our house and would honk the horn if I was outside. Such a nice rural touch.

............back to cat.  I think 6 dogs has been too much for him.  If he has less stress when couch surfing down the street and she doesn't mind I guess it's OK.

 His FGM has had extreme life changes the last few years and I worry about her health. I have encouraged her to take short walks when it's not icy. Offered to take her out for lunch. She is not longer driving, has little social contact and I think has lost weight. A son does her shopping and sometimes takes her for a drive.
One of her sisters was diagnosed with dementia last year and I think this weights on her mind.

It is quite possible that cat brings her company and an interest in other than herself. She loves his purring. :)
                                           The value of a pet should not be under estimated.

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