Monday, 4 March 2013

how to learn

Today I reached a milestone. Now, don't get excited, it was a simple thing I did.
I have RRSP's, not a huge amount, but hopefully enough to let me buy groceries when I am 95.
Several were up for renewal.
I am incredibly intimidated and become mute/confused/delirious/nervous/diaphoretic/head-achy when having to deal with this sort of financial decision. Today (over the phone) the (whatever he is) lad at the bank reminded me the renewals were overdue. I asked what my options were, he told me, and holy cow!
I understood him and repeated it all back to him perfectly.
AND then I made a decision on my own.
Repetition is the clue, the source of understanding, and the thrill of getting it "just right" was amazing.
Tomorrow, the world!

same with pup,  learning over and over in short sessions.
we practice "assumed attention" a whole lot.  he looks at me, actually he finds my eyes and "yes"!  a treat!
and "yes"! another treat.

sweet stuff eh?

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