Friday, 15 March 2013

grumpy vs gratitudes

Today I can't even think straight. Inwardly there are a million grumpy thoughts swinging against my skull.
I think
I am grateful. for something, I must be.

for what?
                                      Trying to think good, positive sweet thoughts is burning a hole in my brain.          geeeesh
great, now not only is there bruising but fire in my brain.

enough  with the negativity.

I am grateful for was some sun today and it didn't snow.  or rain      or sleet  or
the cat didn't throw up on the carpet.
a couple who were hit by a flying truck tire on the highway were not badly injured, even though their vehicle is a total write-off.
the sun may shine tomorrow?
I've made a good dinner 2 nights in a row.
My new hair colour is truly fabulous. 
Not a cross word was spoken by me today, i zipped my lips hard .
My tulips are up more than 2 inches. I think tomorrow I will check if the garden center has any Johnny-jump-ups in stock as they will make my day brighter.
Dinner is planed with a few co-workers next week. I will go and I WILL enjoy the company and conversation.      

yes, the growing garden helps, even if there is still mounds of scattered snow.   huge mounds that sit still and silent and don't seem to melt, even though there is a muddy path in the garden.  

that was tough.               heads up girl!          

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