Sunday, 10 March 2013

five years,five dogs = a dog per year or dog #6 is a keeper!

Last week completed my small chapter on fostering future service dogs. I have no idea how the last five years actually happened and unbelievably were, for the most part, quite successful.  We started in 2006 with a yellow lab and completed fostering four black labs by the summer of 2012.
I met, {{dog of my heart}}(#4) as well as dog #5 at the graduation last week. They recognized me with wild joy and being out of harness they were allowed to exhibit their thrill at seeing "mummy" again.
 Dog #5 jumped up and planted his front paws over my shoulders (I am NOT short) and we hugged. This dogs head is huge. I didn't quite realize how huge until  I saw him again.

 a photo from last summer-it's hard to show his head size, in real life it's very large.

No tears for me at this graduation as I will never have to return a dog again. My own dog will stay by my side in sweet companionship for what I hope will be many,many years.

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