Tuesday, 5 March 2013

final graduation

Later this week my final foster pup graduates as CVC, Canine Vision.  This is the pup, who when at home this past Christmas, finished a full bowl of butternut squash soup that was waiting to be heated on the counter.  AND he didn't spill a drop nor tip over the bowl.
yes,               he is skilled.            ;)

He is a fabulous dog, strong,steady, smart (natch), that lovely big head and broad brow is sweet to stroke. His bad habit is/or was eating way too many long grass and sticks. He has a "bolo pad" on his front right paw and he is the pup who had the extra nummerary tooth (or as I told my dentist when I showed him a digital photo, that it was an extra "mammerary" tooth. oopsie!)

Bolo pad, right front paw
I will also see 'dog of my heart" as the client will be there with dog #4.  Though I will explain to him that my own pup has magnificently filled the ache I had after returning him for training.

My Dog. He looks old than 4 months eh?

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