Thursday, 7 February 2013

yes. we've got a weather challenge -enjoy if you can

If the link below posts properly-you will see why travel might be difficult the next 48 hours.
when two storms collide....................oops.


                           (copy and paste then slide the screen over to the far right)

stay home* if you can            help your neighbours*if you can           relax *if you can
grind your coffee beans while there still is power, :)   fill up both  the propane tank and your vehicles gas tank
shovel in increments (every couple of hours instead of all at once) 
   don't park your car on the road,tuck your pants in your boots!  

     and lastly enjoy the quiet softness of never ending snowfall, look up,way up into the sky-it's wonderful

                                           here's pup again-intense in his gaze-before the snow.

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