Tuesday, 8 January 2013

the days are gettin' longer!

It's true, our days are longer!  Even though we've barely had any winter (snow only twice)  I certainly can't complain  about slush and 'brown sugar" mush on the roads and parking lots. My mind is slipping into thinking longer days mean spring is on the way. Sometimes we even get sunshine, enough to heat my face when i  am in the car.  That warmth is marvelous.

Well, thinking spring is close is just stupid. It  is in the future, just not tomorrow, but I still check the forsythia buds (a habit)

Since before Christmas each day is about (give or take a little, I am not a scientist) a minute longer.
and it's wonderful.
really nice.
Today I will slightly reset the timers on the outdoor lights as they are presently switching to on when it's still daylight.   Reality is that we will get a blast of winter at some point.  Areas surrounding us have received up to 40 cm in one snowfall. I think the lake gives us some protection. I am happy to accept the lake's modifying factors!

One son made it to his new city in a  sweet roads-free-from-ice-and-snow drive last Thursday in under 5 hours. The spouse who drove the rental van also had an easy drive.
That move is done (thankfully for 8 months and not just 4 months) and he has settled in his apartment,started his new job and can hardly wait for the canal to be frozen enough for skating!  Eldest son is now back doing his "science".

I feel at some point I should explain about my mum. Having an elderly parent needing to make difficult life decisions has exhausted me.  The exhaustion comes from that she made no decisions.  ever.
She just sat      and sat    and sat.    For several years      she sat.          and sat        (I hate the word sat)         in her house.    while I did the "doing"

She didn't worry about hugely infected legs. Not only were they MSRA infected but massive in size.
Her madly declining the need for appropriate, timely and on-going medical care put me in a situation of random, unlinked, criticizing, ill-informed health care professionals judging me.
I became worn.
Taking care of her,meals,groceries, laundry (no washer/dryer in her home), plugged up toilets,commode chair spills, her two story house with maintenance needs, her finances, grass and snow care,leaking roof, my travel time.     It was endless.
My self-respect, self-esteem physical and mental health,health, professional ability,energy,optimism,life interests,marital relationship and my joie de vivre was stomped on again and again.          and yet again.
and you know what? it takes years to recover.

I can't write about this anymore right now.

                                                             I am going to "go play".

 new pup needs a pee break and then his lunch, a little play time.   
I do enjoy him!

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