Thursday, 17 January 2013

absolutely perfect recall

A little bit of heaven for me. Pup tears back to my side when I do  my usual 3 whistle re-call. Sure is helpful that i float a billion-trillion squeals of joys all over him when a comes running to me at first whistle.
mmm? I wonder if the Wellness puppy treats are also an inducement. AH, who cares? he runs straight for mum.
people must think we are crazy
but this is what "dog people" do who are training for superbly impressive re-call manners.
over and over and over and ov.................
for a 3 month old pup to sharply ignore his newest best human friend or the sweet yellow lab from down the street or to ignore the cat and come running
full body into your legs with a humongous intense plop-down sit is just what dreams are made of.    I am pleased, very, but am fully aware that I am banking re-calls for when he gets older and the world is no longer a scary place. Pup is extremely aware and sensitive of noises whether is be a slamming car door,loud voices,wind chimes,fire trucks or a loud radio. So lots of brief exposure and socialization plus plus plus.  and always so much fun to return to mum!

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