Sunday, 2 December 2012


    The *{DOG OF MY HEART}* has just graduated. I am thrilled. The client adores him and I do too.
It is a good match.  It "sits well" with me. Here is with his new client. She has had a seeing eye dog before and knows how to handle him with strength and affection. I wonder how he is tonight, 3 days after grad?
She said she would keep in touch and I know they need to get settled.

                                             WE ARE GETTING OUR OWN PUP!
 A rescue lab had four puppies.(puppy mill). We met her and her pups on the weekend. She is a wonderful mother. So sad that she is on her 2nd litter and only a little over a year old. Now she will be cared for and find a loving forever home. Her health was at risk and she was very malnourished. In just over a month she has blossomed into a dog that is just starting to enjoy the joys of good food, fresh air, tender touch and soft voices. There is only one black male puppy-which is exactly what we want.  We completed the application a few weeks ago, had the interview last week and through the lab rescue organization web site  I saw the posting of the mum and her pups on Friday.
He is calm,unlike his crazy chocolate sister! Vet checked as healthy and they will be getting first vaccinations this Wednesday.

My boy is in the middle. Little Miss chocolate labbie is trying to eat my camera. These black labbies weren't scared,  just getting ready for another attack on my hands and feet. BTW
 My Blundstones handled the beating quite well-of course!!!
 They might have a bit of  golden retriever in them (pointy knobs on top of head?) and that is just fine as it will moderate the "I am an uncontrollable silly/goofy/can i eat your shoes?" Labrador tendency.
Therefore  he might grow up before he is 3 years old.   :)         Either way. we can hardly wait!               

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