Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

A Christmas without snow is somewhat                   bare?                        though terrific for travel.  
My country makes stupendous use the automobile and travel long distance on fast highways. How to be in two places at once?
The stress of  who in the family to visit and the irritating often dangerous distance of travel in bad weather, particularly when already tired.  
I have conflicting thoughts for those who are either by choice or distance on their own this holiday. Sometimes alone might be a better solution. Or choosing who to be with could be the best alternative.
However we can create our own holiday ritual with friends and strangers. I have heard of family gatherings where the mess of  longstanding angst combined with alcohol is an explosion in the dredging up of ancient hurts.   Maybe better to avoid that eh?

My heart
and soul and thoughts
are with the families who recently lost dear loved ones in the tragic shooting by a coward.
children,parents,siblings will never look upon this holiday without terrible memories.
20 children are now wandering souls,their they will cope?
I just don't know. I can not imagine the vast gap, the space of empty in their arms.

the space of empty in their arms
The space of empty in their arms

Their sweet little beds are empty tonight. Their Christmas Socks were maybe filled ahead of time and left hanging.
no joyous wee voices eager to shout "Santa was here".

Ban guns
ban automatic guns
ban big guns
make them so expensive they are not affordable
lengthy wait time, a really lengthy wait time
ban gun shows and internet ordering of guns
border crackdowns
police checks on everyone who wants to buy a weapon
a safe firearms certificate
a psychological assessment
family attitude towards guns must be changed *access guns and unstable mental heath must by law be reported on a state by state,province by province program
mental health must  have a daily recognized, understood and accepted conversation

safe our children

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