Tuesday, 25 December 2012

further gratitudes

Blessings of a truly excellent meal mostly prepared by our eldest as his way of a Christmas gift.

a fabulous pureed buttercup squash soup, the cayenne  tempered somewhat by adding pureed pear and  apples,
fresh ginger added depth  and green coriander leaves enhanced the look

a perfectly cooked turkey

turnip with a tad of fresh orange butter added for flavour

"cheating" scalloped potatoes

steamed green beans with carmalized onions, thin strips of red peppers and shallots and lightly toasted almonds.               yum

we forgot the paper thin sliced carrots and parsnips with a touch of maple syrup to add sweetness in the microwave.
(maybe make a soup tomorrow?)

grilled loin lamb chops-beautifully pink inside fresh rosemary too

Thank up to my sons  for cooking, prepping, .setting a perfect table and for clean -op
It was wonderful

left overs tomorrow are going to be great too.

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