Friday, 21 December 2012

December Gratitudes

This is a difficult month for me.  I would happily remain alone for the month. In a cave. with a nice fire :)
 My thoughts often dwell on what I wish I had in my life and why do I feel so lonely?
My imagination over-rides reality and creates personal negativity. Comparing myself with others,well,

Positive thoughts, staying in the present, doing random acts of kindness and counting my blessings will sometimes keep me at least able to manage to get up each morning.

1)  Today the lovely open, friendly smiles I got from an older couple after I held a mall door open for them ("come in, it's too cold out") will sustain me for the week. We actually shared a  fabulous "Merry Christmas" rather than "Happy Holidays", and that was nice. Connection with others is so, connecting, so warm.

2) My new pup is fabulous.    good natured, smart, fairly fearless, he loves running with the big labs!
Thrilled for the first time in my life to have my own dog.


3) My youngest son, a university student, will complete the final 8 months of co-op experience and then the final 8 months of in-class work. Many co-op students don't get postions, so we feel he is very fortunate. (these are all paid placements).   He will move to another city the first week of January and already has an apartment in a good location at a reasonable rent. His tumblers are falling into place.

4) I have boots that don't hurt my feet. (this is a biggie gratitude).

5) My home is warm and comfortable.   The Christmas tree is absolutely beautiful. We usually get a Balsam but this year Scotch pine, yikes! those needles are sharp. A splurge one year will be a Douglas Fir.

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