Saturday, 10 November 2012

November 11,2012.

Earlier today a friend and I went for a walk. The day was supposed to be warm,but it wasn't. We stopped to have tea and share a treat. Our return walk  found us detouring through a very old cemetery. I've driven by this cemetery for 30 years but never stopped.  It is in the middle of a very large urban area. There is a puddle of historic buildings including cottages,barns, and sheds. They all have historic plaques.
Some of the headstones went back to the early 1800's, many were the  middle 1800's. 
As we moved along the wind picked up,it was colder and rain was spitting.
We stopped at one headstone in the "newer section" and noted the inscription.
part of what I remember is      "killed in action" in France.      Soldier.           Loved.

I have deep emotional memories of Remembrance Day. My dad and his 5 brothers were all in various services during World War 2.   He never talked about it.  
                     never ever
I tugged the poppy from my jacket and bless my friend,she caught onto my idea immediately. We found a stick, broke of the crooked end and I pushed the pin down into the soft middle. We used her umbrella to poke a hole in the wet ground and we stuck the stick in with the poppy on top and made it secure. 
It looks good. 

  A solder has a poppy in front of his grave.   

    I cried. She gave me a hug. The power of a hug.  sigh.  We all should hug more often.  

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