Thursday, 1 November 2012

fostering a dog

 I am ready to spit nails, or tacks if they are sharper.

 I was asked if I could bring my last foster home for the month of November.
The facility was short a trainer for that month and 4 pups needed caring for.
                                                yes!     for sure!
We put off getting a new pup until at least December so the focus could be on 15 month old "Pipsqueak".
plans were made, some new treats, bedding washed & we were ready.

There was no call to set a time for pick up. I waited, not wanting to be pushy.
Keeping myself patient,thinking a call would come.               no call. 

so yesterday morning  (October 31st) the day before expected pick-up I left a brief message asking the best time for my arrival. No call back. At 4 p.m. I asked the receptionist to find someone to get me an answer as it's over an hours drive one way.
Again no call back.
Today I called the program director- we spoke on the phone, he had no answer.

Alone. quietly I  had my brief cry.   also tears of frustration. serious disappointment
over a dog?
you bet!

I went out for a few hours and when I came home there was a terse message from his trainer that the month home was cancelled. and that I should have known the Thanksgiving visit was in lieu of the month home in November................ wha?
this makes no sense
I figure she is covering for her error in not letting me know. She said she told me but
she didn't even mention the possibility.
 I want to tell her "hey girl! just own up that you forgot and actually that's OK but don't lie and make it my fault."

Six friggin' years of loving and caring and being fully responsible for these sweet pups.


It's time to have a family dog with magnificent manners and training.  A companion.

side by side running Labs make me dizzy! fabulous memories
I wish for  a male, black Labbie,healthy, good temperament that adores field runs and walking at midnight. even in the rain.   courageous. loyal.  gentle.   mine. 

I am so very hurt.

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