Thursday, 22 November 2012

decision made

I will go to pup #4's graduation next week.   I believe I can do it. The trainer believes I can do it.

such fools are we.            :)

The trainer has explained that the client and pup are starting to work well together. I know it takes time to be in sympatico and they are on a journey of learning.
This lady fully appreciates pup's need for a good run in his "down time".Soothing words to pup as well as words of encouragement are needed. This is really important for me. Pup is doing his part by being attentive when they are "on the job".  We will all meet next week and have a "love fest" of joy and appreciation  for their partnership. The trainer knows I will cry and will have a "tear bucket' and tissues for me. The client will be given as "heads up" of my expected reaction. Pup will be taken out of harness and we will have a romp.
Miss.Violett the hedgehog dog toy -which I sent to pup for his birthday- will be given to the client this week. She will see just how much he adores this toy and is eager to retrieve her over and over, never chewing her once!(however the noise she makes is startling with super loud sqeaks-and i hope that isn't too irritating)        

Photo is of hedgehog trying to keep duck from flying away.
She misses playing with a dog and is looking for a nice lab for some toss and retrieve!

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