Sunday, 18 November 2012

a fine concert & a fabulous day

I am appreciative of finally having a full weekend (like a normal person) and enjoyed myself,    *muchly!

Last evening we went to hear the fabulous Joe Bonamassa. I sat with absolutely not a speck of restless legs during the concert.. He started promptly at 8 p.m.  and thrilled his audience for over two hours with no break. He gave us his best. I have honestly never seen an artist so "at one" with a guitar. They thrilled each other and passed that emotion on to their audience.  I have always been a  fan of the Blues.  I don't think even Eric Clapton  has ever been able to be as intimate with his instruments as Joe Bonamassa was last evening. I have been to two Eric Clapton concerts as well as two Bonnie Raitt concerts, and while they are good guitarists, last evening was superb.

Tonight we just got back from visiting our eldest son. He is just fine. He wasn't "testy" at all, didn't drink too much at dinner,was patient when I asked for explanations  regarding his lab work and was super-good company. Mind you, his apartment was in a bit off a mess and for the first time ever he let me do some cleaning. The bathroom was a um       ................the grossest bathroom I have ever, ever seen in my almost 60 years of life. (holy smokes, THAT sounds so old)   I scrubbed the tub four times, cleaned,probably 5 pounds of grit,soap scum and build up from the tub and the sink. I swear his electric toothbrush had 2 inches of old toothpaste build up around the handle. I organized the 10 billion full,half-full and empty shampoo bottles that were strewn in his teensy bathroom.
We went to the dollar store and got scrubbies,sponges,cleansers,cleaning cloths and a new shower curtain.
I also cleaned out his closet that is at least 4 times the size of my linen closet. It was filled to overspill of mostly old boxes from toothpaste,empty laundry bottles,shampoo bottles as well as plastic packaging from toilet paper wrap,empty medicine containers.  I found 6 full  bottles of kitchen dish soap and 10 boxes of kleenex as well as at least a million! opened garbage bag boxes. He found he had stuff that he had no idea was so readily available right at his fingertips. He  now knows that he has enough razor blades to last him until spring 2013,   I also washed up dishes, scrubbed the stovetop and soaked a few of his burner rings.          wow ! I felt so good after knowing he didn't have this on his "to do" list anymore.  That "to do' list has been around for 5 months and I know he hasn't had the time. He often comes home by 6 p.m.,cooks his dinner,(he eats well,cooks even better and loves his grapefruit!) he does laundry  marks some papers and then by 9 or 10 p.m. is back in the lab until  1 a.m. then maybe to bed by 2:30 a.m. Then does it all over again the next day. He has no car so it's either the bus or walking the mile there and/or back. My son has the most incredible personal strength that I have ever seen in anyone that I know. He has overcome very difficult moments in his young life. I am so proud of him setting goals,reaching them and of his achievements.
He is a fine person.

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