Tuesday, 23 October 2012

what I am grateful for

let me be clear
tonight I am not a happy camper
finding gratitudes will not be effortless

my visit to the dentist today  found no cavities or potential root canals
(I think I have had 6 root canals-lost count) My dentist is fabulous, no fears from me.

I finally touched up the paint on the stairwell wall where pup sharped his teeth. It looks pretty good.

After 37 years of nursing I have, for the first time, found the courage to file a professional complaint/concern for unsafe working conditions.  It is now in the hands of probably my very angry manager,the hospital management and my union.
I am pleased I did it.  why now?- I felt such a serious potential of poor outcome for my patients and since I am their voice (mine too) so it was time to speak up.  enough.

My cat went for a short walk with me yesterday. and even ran (with his big belly swaying side to side) to keep up with my long steps.

I'm struggling.

oh, I made several people laugh today.  That was nice. 

but I made my mum cry-I in a round-about-way told her I just can't take her out of the nursing home.  but she did smile when i brought her coffee.

I'm sorry. my life sucks.

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