Sunday, 21 October 2012

odds and ends

just who invented night shifts?    it's time they were cancelled.    enough       really!
however now that I have vented I will say I have done my 2 nights  for the month.   thankfully they are over
don't call me

Elder son has been approved to skip over his Master's degree and has now entered the PhD in Bio Chem. program. He has been stressed in preparing for his presentation and was drilled with intense questions for almost 3 hours by 6 Prof's. After only 15 minutes of discussion amongst themselves they were confident in his abilities to be successful. So now his Bio says PhD candidate!  
I am going to give him my dad's leather cased radioactive measurement device that he used when mining in the 1930's and 40's.  My dad was a pipefitter, a diamond driller and a Sapper with the RCE in World War 2.   He was fabulous. He died when my firstborn was only 6 weeks old. My M-I-L died the same week.  It was horrible.

I'm pretty sure my son is OK, but sometimes it's hard to tell. Did he have a few too many drinks last week when we went out for dinner?, maybe,did he deserve to celebrate?
However there is a wee bit of a brittleness in his voice and movements that makes me a little squirmy.
I'm not worried, not edgy, not on a high level concern,   just a tad squirmy.  I can't explain the differences.  My mother's intuition isn't on high alert right now but still........   I'll call him in a day or two. I think he might have slept most of the weekend. 

Younger son is almost impossible to chat with on the phone. I must try harder, texting isn't always enough. But how many teeth can I pull in one conversation?  He is now applying for co-op jobs. Three co-op terms have been done and three more to go as well as three university terms. He would love one outdoors, but in January? in 10 feet of snow?   or maybe not 10 feet. but it'll surely be cold.  I'll remind him again about the time my dad was cutting wood and didn't know he had cut right through his leather boot and into his foot until he got back home. He took the boot off and as it thawed out he felt pain.  no kidding!   Younger son and I love the outdoors.  A legacy from my dad.   
Unfortunately I married a man, who, as soon as there is a whiff of a weather change he either gets itchy all over, starts to rough up his suddenly irritating scalp, starts to sneeze, or gets cranky and begins giving me the silent treatment.

my error.

In 11 days I should have pup number 4 home for a month. I hope they don't change their minds. Guess I should do a few touch ups on the wall where he tried to eat the paint. It will take me, what? less than 5 minutes to do, and already he's been gone almost 4 months. Surely I can be more organised than that?

in the meantime, I feed and water the boy below and THIS one leaves my walls alone !     lol

this  wee'un bought for 50Cents at a 2nd hand store.

in the meantime I also tried to get a good photo of our 14 year old cat, he's not described as "photo co-operative" !

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