Friday, 12 October 2012

I'm so dizzy my head is spinning, like a whirlpool it never......

Oh geeeze, I woke up this morning and couldn't walk straight. I tilted. or my world tilted. There was a wee bit of holding onto handrails and door frames. Silly dizziness. It sure wasn't the day for me to add screws to the top of the sliding glass door frame so the door couldn't be lifted from it's tracks.  But since I am stubborn, stupid?, OF determined Celtic stock I simply did what I had planned to do anyway. I sort of realized falling off the rubbermaid foot stool could have serious consequences!
By 1 p.m. I felt better and so 6, 1 &1/2inch, #8 pan headed metal screws were put in place and by 3 p.m. I was able to walk into work without looking drunk.  (job done, lol )  p.s. i had NOT been drinking  (plus for me "drinking" is 2 beer)

My other fall plans are
1) clean the dryer pipes
2) change the furnace filter (check as done)
3)turn off the outside water tap and drain the hose (turned off, not drained yet)
4)empty the patio water fountain and clean,bring indoors ( javexed but still running)
5)make a mint spray for a smelly pooch , bty  this is fabulous,(done, several large handfuls of mint picked,placed in a glass bowl, pour boiling water over until just covered, wait a hour or so, pull wilted leaves out and pour distillation into bottles and place in fridge) I added some lavender and lemon balm.  When a smelly pooch needs a quick top and tail (no time for a bath) I get a "dog cloth" ,warm some of liquid in the microwave, pour onto the dog cloth and wipe pup down so he smells better. I am careful not to get it near his face, and yes I know i call it mint spray, but i don't spray it- certainly sounds better than "mint rub down"!    It does work.
6)prepare shoes for lousy weather. I bought my first pair of Munro shoes and my feet feel like they are walking in a soft, comfortable pound of soft butter. Shoes and I have a never ending battle. I growl when i need new footwear. A high instep,  really narrow heel with a normal front part of the foot, some plantar fasciitis, achy arches, maybe some arthritis. I get so despondent when my feet hurt.  however I digress..........
To prepare shoes as per Munro:
wax and polish your shoe, add a coat of mink oil,polish  then spray with waterproofing spray. I did this with my Blundstones as well.  I am ready for winter!  repeat prn
7) maybe don't take melatonin, Valerian, nortryptoline AND 1/2 an Imovane at bedtime after a beer at dinner (bty with  a super, super good Neapolitan pizza-now THAT  you just must try-the pizza I mean    *nada to the Rx combo!)

Pipsqeak  IN THE CAR.  

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