Thursday, 4 October 2012

back in the fields!

pup # 5 is with us until Tuesday!  The trainer called Tuesday to ask if i would be interested in having him over the long weekend.

  *****well of course!*****

His trainer is very pleased with him. He is biddable, good natured, responsive, and will be a fabulous seeing-eye dog.  The  opportunity for me to have this boy will not be presented.   (damn)

We have decided no dog gates will be put up this visit. He, for most part, leaves our cat alone. Cat curls up in his basket and pup lays beside him next to the sliding glass door. Of course, the litter box is another never ending enticement, that and left up toilet seats!  He has settled into his crate. The door will be left open. I have made a bed for him next to my side of the bed. He did curl up there but followed me downstairs.         So here we are, back together again!!!                       sweet

sorry, no dog here, just another alley walk.  This shows a business where cars are re-painted and also given a customized,creative look. So clean inside, better, so much better than my kitchen! 

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