Sunday, 14 October 2012

A jump from 128,000 feet

holy smokes!  

STEPPING into thin air from a little  metal step  and yes it was "thin" air that high up !
25 miles above earth
with a parachute, and dropping         down 
"look waaaaaaaaay down" as the Friendly Giant would say to Rusty

oh never mind    he used to say "Look up, look waaaaay up!"
oh dear, look up, look down, bloody far any way you look isn't it?

travelling at over 1,342km/hr
first man to break the sound barrier as a sky-diver (no mechanical assist) as well as highest altitude jumper,ever

not quite like stepping off a dock is it?
(but then again if you were petrified of water and you still went into the water, doesn't that make you just as brave?) 

what a rush!     conquering fears .       accepting challenges.

I'm going to go and touch a  spider.

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