Wednesday, 10 October 2012

a good weekend

It was fabulous having a dog in the house again. Pup certainly has learned some manners, except when it comes to the cat's bum!  There  were no skirmishes.  It seems (and I think this is true) that the scent of cat food either in the dish or ah...already digested is an elixir to a dog. This last weekend we didn't put up any dog gates and pup had free roaming of the house. He slept in his crate but we kept the door open.   He fit right back into our routines. The cat's food was kept either on the front porch or on a table(horrors of horrors!) and the litter box had the high rounded lid on it all the time. I got a few late night walks in as I didn`t work at all over the long weekend. There is nothing and I mean nil .zilch. zero.  nothing.  like having a black lab`s company on a late night walk. He still pulls but the trainer warned me to work on that ``little problem`` but I guess not so wee when or if he has a client who isn`t a brawny young man.

Now only three weeks until he comes home for a month, can`t wait!  

photos to follow.....................

but for now this photo from the end of summer, down by the lake. I like the light and I didn`t know I there was a dog in the shot until I transferred them to my computer!
I am right  UNDER a huge outdoor swimming pool, there is a pass-through.

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