Monday, 10 September 2012

this is a big step

I have put in an application for us to have our own pup. I'm sort of scared. This is a huge responsibility but something that needs to be done now.  Most labs live anywhere from 12,14 even up to 15 years old. If the average age of lab-life is 14 that means I would be 70-  good Lord 70 years old ! WTF?    when the pup passes, (if I got a dog this year).
I wish so much to grow old with a dog. This would most likely be a re-homed dog, one that would be about a year old, and had some training but for some reason couldn't handle being a service dog.  I would love a puppy again, but to be honest I  am weary of several times a night pees,teething, and gates up all around the house. We have fostered 5 labs and loved them all-deeply. Guess i just can't handle another broken heart. Too emotional returning them. and going to the last graduation shattered me.
Well, we shall see what turns up in the black lab department.

I am scouting sites for puppies that are a little older just so i can drool over their big paws and floppy ears and tails and.................

a good "sit-stay-leave it"
oh dear,  dogs do drool- a lot.  last pup had litres of saliva every time i showed him a blueberry!

oh dear- just remembered i still have 2 graduations to go to, as "dog of my heart" will most likely graduate (again) before Christmas with his new skills, and "pipsqueek"  probably will be ready in early 2013 * guess I better get his photo album ready!!!

dog and a shadow!!

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