Sunday, 2 September 2012


Finally my headaches have eased,thanks to a combination of tricks

1)a small dose of Nortriptyline as suggested by the neurologist
If I can keep the dose at 20-30 mg  each day at bedtime hopefully any side effects      will be minimal.

2)I have stopped using a pillow. Until I find something better I fold up a large soft beach towel and put it in a pillow case . My neck and arm pain is slightly improved.

3) ongoing stretching exercises of my neck and shoulder muscles as well as hot packs prn

4) long walks everyday (even without a dog)
therapeutic outdoor mobilization (!) in brilliant late summer sunshine by the lake is, if not a cure, at least a distraction.                                 gelato helps too

5) having a massage as much as I am able to  afford it. Trial and error has allowed me to find a M.T. that doesn't cause more pain the next day. He is most excellent at  getting the knots out  and I savour the muscle release after.

my next plan is trying accupunture (again) and watching big puffy white clouds as much as I can.
grabbing and sucking up enough courage (AKA "guts") to decide if I should improve our marriage or walk away. 

I found out that foster dog #4 (dog of my heart) will be placed with a young man who is university bound. Pup will not only be his eyes  but is presently receiving extra training as a hearing-ear dog. This young man has two disabilities and "my boy" will be his eyes AND his ears.

damn good stuff eh?

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