Friday, 7 September 2012


Today I scrambled around to get some shopping done as heavy rain was forecast and it was getting closer to that bothersome Friday rush hour chaos.
Well, 10 hours later and not a drop has fallen.

A quick visit to a dollar store to get mum some hair bands,but of course looking around took me forever. I found my favourite wax paper roll for a buck!
I was greeted by the cashier, who said quite nicely "Hi, how are you today?"  and I quite respectfully responded,  "I'm well, and how are you?"
she paused, looked beyond me then looked at me and sort of twitched. She paused.

mmmmm????  .......what was this? did I look too old and tired and dull..............
she excused her hesitation and told me that NO ONE ever asks how she is.

sad society.

then we rejoiced in our manners and politeness.           

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