Thursday, 16 August 2012

today's joys

some of this might seem silly-but if I can help someone smile, then I smile too

1)   I had a full box of fabulous beading materials and needed to find the right person to give it to. Beads,crimpers,wires & snaps that needed a home.
Interesting Swarovski crystals in a multitude of colours as well as seedbeads,clasps,stones,bicones,wires,thread,pearls,jumprings (everything!).
They needed a creative soul who would find joy and inspiration in their beauty and potential. I haven't had the eyesight for such detailed work since 2006 (year I fostered the first dog) and  co-worker's daughter was the perfect match. She is not often able to see her mum as neither drive,live in different cities and have financial restraints. I have never met this young woman but have heard of often via her mum. Recently, after months and of severe pain she was diagnosed with a cervical herniated disc. It's been tough for her. She is a lovely soul and called to thank me as soon as her mum gave her the box. She was gobsmacked that someone would be so nice to her. It was a pleasure to have a giggle together.

geeeeeeeeezzze, we all need to be 'niced"!

2)   Yesterday I used one of the pedicure gift certificates I got for my birthday a few months ago. I have now been swooning over the FRENCH pedi that I decided to have for the very first time.  I am IN LOVE WITH MY TOES~ all day I kept peeking at them in sheer joy~ No more coloured toes for me.  I am converted!
I snag at look at them in line ups,when I'm cooking dinner, when I get in and out of the car,in the bath, while blogging!
They are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
 (thank-you Mary Poppins)

3)   Regarding the occasionally severe headaches that sent me to Emerg August 1st for a CT: I will see a neurologist Tuesday.
Not quite a 3 week wait time and that is lucky for me. I am expecting that the freaking night shifts will be the trigger as well as  stress.

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