Saturday, 25 August 2012

no dog to walk

oh dear
no dog here

coming home after night shift this morning was very lonely
no sweet black lab face and wiggly bum to greet me, not able to watch a greedy boy suck in his cup and half of kibble,no adoring brown eyes fixated on me
no purpose to go for a 45 minute walk
though tired, I happily walk a pup after night shift

It's been a bit convoluted and perhaps I am too tired to make sense
5th foster pup was recalled in July to begin his assessment and training and at the same time we were asked to take our 4th pup for a month or two for a little R&R (8 weeks were pretty much promised-but not guaranteed) this 4th pup is the 'dog of my heart"
He was with me for a full glorious month and I can not explain the sadness  I felt when they called for him to be returned.
Then again with what seemed exact timing, we switched dogs the beginning of August as  'dog of my heart" was called back to prepare for a new client (expected graduation in  September) and also we were asked to take 5th pup as he recovered from his neuter.
He was with us for 9 days. (now THAT  boy could drive me   c     r     a    z     y ).

another empty gap in my heart.

The call did come over a month ago to foster a new pup but we declined because we hoped  and wished and hoped ..... that 4th pup would stay until the week school started.
How awful is it to hope he can become my dog? someone really needs him to guide them and he is a flawless seeing eye dog. He works hard and will love without reservation. The client,last I was told, is a young woman.  She needs a good life. She needs a good dog.

i just want.

not sure what to do now but I am most certain a canine companion would reduce  my headaches.  most certain!

waiting for breakfast

together they had a blast,though pipsqueek (on the left) drove "dog of my heart"
totally crazy. It was so much fun while it lasted.

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