Monday, 27 August 2012


1) There is a mother out in the blog-world who was told this past weekend that  she does NOT have cancer.      and this wasn't the first time around

hallelujah !                                              such good news.

2)  My carpets will be cleaned in the morning and I have spent much of today shifting/moving and preparing. Five foster pups in six years have made me somewhat careless with vacuuming and other dull *but necessary* housework.
Puppies take up a lot of time. Having fun with them takes up billions of seconds.    Today, cleaning feels good.  (a few long-lost dog toys were found under the couch).

3) Tonight I will meet two super nice friends/co-workers for a garden walk and then a Thai dinner. I look forward to it. We all laugh well together.

                                                                    I love laughter.

4) Today I have no headache.

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