Wednesday, 22 August 2012


1) yesterday I gently fell asleep on an old huge log at the waterfront.
    balancing while wearing a skirt was surprisingly easy.
    time to myself.
    with the waves.

2) each day I am less anxious about what other people think of me
    'I am who I am'

3) my eldest no longer has a Dx of BPD.

my eldest and I are  similar, and often misunderstood.
our "senses of humour" are quirky, very honest, hilarious,decidingly direct talk can cause people to choke up with the giggles or mild horror (but still with laughter) and
intense in the sensitivity we offer.
we have just found out our similar behaviours have an intense personal sensitivity.
direct light in eyes ( i have spent my whole live switching seats to protect my eyes), movement, odours (be it the beach or  bad meat),wind (i go crazy on windy days- i LOVE the wind and big storms but can't think properly in the wind),noise, uncomfortable clothes, scratchy scarfs,itchy wool sweaters.
ah, now i kniow why i love silk and really fine cotton!

so, it's true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

His senses and reactions are far more evolved/complex & intelligent than mine.
His MHT(mental health team) has discussed synesthesia with.
My son's confusion,anger and self-misunderstanding is now more understood. At times he has been overwhelmed.

The best plan is to understand his/our reactions and help organize/understand/calm them.  Acceptance is huge.

The (cell) camera does not capture the over 95 tall buildings that
 I was able to count from the "dog field".
These are all new buildings over the last 5 years, and the construction continues......
 The hydro lines and power lines are slightly visible on the rightish side.
 I wiggled the camera to get this effect.
Dusk in the summer is magnificent! 


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