Friday, 3 August 2012

dog home for a week & not an aneurysm

Since Monday we have had our 5th foster pup as he recovers from his neuter.  He was a drowsy boy on the way home and there were some pretty intense noises radiating from the back of the car.
Moans, groans, deep sighs and then silence had me periodically twisting around to check on him.
Funny boy then fell asleep while sitting.  His eyes were closed as he keeled over. Then he would pop up again.
His energy has slowly increased and in the heat we are only taking short walks. He is to always be on leash and no long walks or up and down stairs for about 10 days.  He is a solid, rather intimidating looking black lab and is fabulous company late at night . Watching him control himself and moving slowly is awesome.  He is being returned to the kennels on Wednesday. He too will get a bath prior to leaving. Really serious canine vision training will begin.

then what will i do ?  

organize the house for a week?   have the carpets cleaned ?
too exciting     :(                                                                       I would rather be out in the fields!


1)  there has been some heavy rain the last week,fabulous for the farmers (and my garden)
2)  I only work one shift over the weekend ( I've worked every weekend since January)
3)  the heavy duty migraine I have had for the last 4 weeks, with  several sudden onsets of "mactruck  hit me feeling"  on one  side, a CT has proven  it NOT  to be an aneurysm (6 hour visit to my local emerg-also a Regional Trauma center (world renown reputation)-so I figure they know what they are doing)
so for a wee bit I faced my mortality.
The staff was fabulous. They were kind & kept me informed. Impressive. The person examining me was a P.A. on a pilot project.  again impressive

waiting room in Emerge

I was very,very calm.  Sometimes I surprise myself.

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