Friday, 13 July 2012

taking care of myself

I am so happy with this summer. (todays gratitude #1)
I have found embracing the heat improves my tolerance.
in fact I drive with the a/c off and the windows open.
of course I don't have to take crowded buses at rush hour (gratitude #2?)

It's bloody hot weather. The evenings/nights are fabulous though and best for walking the dog.
short bursts of play time are scattered throughout the day, 15 minutes is usually enough.
The puppy pool is perfect for both of us. I love to soak my feet as pup #5 waits for "hedgy" to be tossed (again and again and again). what a labbie!

My garden is huge and perfect grooming  has ceased. Enjoying it is more important.
We have a smaller enclosed space with a gas lantern, a slate stone patio,a few chairs, a table and lots of perennials. It's private,very intimate.  The rest is open space, hedges and shrubs.
 Yesterday  I planted  some annuals   (yep, lots of watering in this heat).  I used to be a garden slave watering,weeding,planting flats and flats of annuals and have it all done by the first week of June but after 31 years I'm relaxed.  finally.  It's a lot of work.
Time to enjoy it and I am. (gratitude # 3)
Tonight I am sitting in a new high backed orangey-red  chair, an old blue metal and brass trunk  that was ready to be thrown out, on my right side to use as a table,my feet on a foot stool, three citronella candles surrounding me,the gas lantern shining and  a new beer to enjoy, my dear sweet orange cat circling about and with the wonders of technology a fully charged laptop in front of me.
The dog is inside as we are only partially fenced and I have decided time to myself  is important.

which dog is inside?

July 1st.
Foster pup #5 was re-called. He was a handful and to be truthful we needed a rest. He is the  ultimate hormonal adolescent male.
"youngster' looking perfect!

HOWEVER on the Thursday before the long weekend we picked up the dog of my heart.
For 72 hours it was horrible. pup #5 was soooooooooooo happy to have an in-house dog companion that it was sheer hysteria. The first night he barked from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m.
 #4 has been fully trained and knows no rough-housing in indoors.
By Sunday evening the 5 hour episodes of barking had lessened and pup #5 had settled.(somewhat)
But the decision had already been made and youngster was returned to kennels for evaluation, observation, hip x-rays as well as eye checks. I am sure he will pass all the testing to become an extraordinary service dog.
I have the call in to see how my boy is managing.

"dog of my heart" is back for only 8 weeks. perhaps less. He is flawless as a seeing eye dog.
The physical fit between him and the client wasn't optimal. (it happens)  A very young athletic dog and an older slightly frail client was a wee bit of a miss-match. The client (bless him, sweet man) (bless him many times over) made the decision to return with pup ( a long, long trip buses.airports etc) and even cried over having to do it. He is now with a slightly older ,smaller, experienced dog and I hope doing well.

so? what to do with 'dog of my heart"
I was called three times in less than 24 hours by the training facility.
1) Recall
2) could I take pup #4 for the rest of the summer?
3)new pup ready to go by July 17th  (declined for now, my name was in for another foster pup as soon as we returned  youngster, it would be fabulous to have the fully trained  dog and a 6 week old pup together, if my spouse  agreed i would have shouted "YES", but well......that didn't happen)

Hopefully until they are ready to start the next class I will have dog of my heart with me.

oh crap- better get a new pup before that happens.

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