Saturday, 28 July 2012

night shift

I am working 2 night shifts this weekend. Last night went quickly but today I slept less than 4 hours and that was divided into 2 segments. I look terrible, feel worse and will have to leave for work in less than 45 minutes.  Coffee beans have been ground and the thermos is ready.  Saturday night is usually quiet (and yes, dear God now that I have thought that terrible "never say it's quiet" -touch wood- it will be hell tonight).
I dread how I will feel at 3 a.m., Hopefully I can put my feet up for 1/2 hour  and that is usually enough to sustain me until I get home.  As long as I can keep my eyes open.
Have you ever thought of all the nurses, EMS, Doctor's, R.T's, firemen, etc who drive home sleepy after shift?  I have been reading recent-and not so recent- articles on how cardiac health (in particular)is affected by shift work.  41% of people who work shifts are at an increased risk for coronary events. 23% of shift workers are at risk for a heart attack and 5% increased risk for a stroke.

The call came last week that the "dog of my heart"must be returned Monday morning. A new client has been found and the process of brushing up his skills will start again. It shouldn't take long. I have tried to keep him as pristine as possible while still having fabulous field runs.

This is very, very sad news.   I adore this dog and we have had a fabulous month together.

Later in the day on Monday we are collecting our 5th foster pup to bring him home for R&R post neutering.  Better to be with mum than in the kennels and hurting.

I'm too old for night shift  .

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