Friday, 25 May 2012

1) a day out with dog 2) matters of an elder

Pup and I had a fabulous outing earlier this week and I didn't even take the "dog car"!
Pup curls up very sweetly on the passenger side floor of the sedan. This is something he might as well be proficient at doing as a working dog.  The sedan which is more comfortable for me has smooth acceleration,excellent handling,lots of room and is just so much more fun to drive.
The "dog car" has low profile tires and when those tires need to be replaced we will NOT get low profile as a replacement. Nano bumps feel like Everest!
There could be a discussion about crates,harnesses etc (and I won`t disagree with any concerns) but for now this works.  There is a huge deep foot well-it's pretty cozy.
and I think it`s better than the back seat.
We shopped for CD's, hiking supplies and checked out why my dedicated weather radio was in malfunction mode. Pup stayed by my side for well over an hour while I tried shoe after shoe and sandal after sandal. It looks like I have Plantar Fasciitis and a few other foot problems. Pup waited, often asleep, with incredible patience. Cool tile floors on hot days are a foster mum's greatest blessing!
A wee girl came skidding around the corner of highly stacked shoe boxes and he hardly raised his head!                      good dog.
The girl and grandma were gobsmacked!   slightly frightened?  curious?
A  "dog in school" is what I tell the kids.

Best part of the day (as a treat for the two of us) was when we took a small hike in our river park system when all the `working`stuff was completed. I changed from mall clothes to scrubby pants and boots in the car.(haven`t done that in years!) Silly me forgot a hoodie (I always have a hoodie) so our little hike had me wearing a Liz Clairbourne bright green sweater!!!!   Liz in the woods!   lol
The ridges are criss-crossed with foot paths, tall grassy areas were sweet with wild phlox, mounds of green shrubs, the trees were dramatic in their height and solid stance. Pups nose found every path available.
We shared roles of leader and follower.  I could have done this for hours.
The shallow river-bed system was a testing ground for pup. It was early evening so we didn`t stay long, but he did try to dive after a few rocks in 6 inches of water. Quite the accomplishment.
We shared my crackers and cheese.  oh, and an apple too. This pup would balance the world on his head for a taste of my apple! I took a bit for me and then snapped off a piece for him. The nibble of the core is a tradition with each pup. He learns restraint with my fingers so close to his teeth.
Yesterday in the backyard I lured the boy into the "puppy pool" with small pieces of BBQ chicken. He went from one side of the pool to the other    around the perimeter !!!   finally one foot in. slowly we worked. two feet in. a third foot, four feet was a difficult transition. (chicken helped)
The last effort was a `sit`in the pool. He did the `sit`` and then flipped up so fast grabbing at his behind!   He sure didn`t like that part getting wet!
Mind you, now he will most of the time will walk through rain puddles on the sidewalk.  I`ve never made a big deal of it. Just lots of praise. 

isn`t that what we all need?               praise.   support.                     positivity  (is that a word?)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my mum (soon to be 94) was in the hospital. That visit lasted for 10 days. Her leg cellulitis was treated as much as she would allow.
 what does that mean?

In LTC she had been refusing the oral antibiotic, taking it one day, once,  then the next day, maybe twice. This was over several months.  Eventually the left leg quadrupled in size,became red,gross, oozing and very scary looking.
At the hospital she was started on IV Vancomyacin.(THE WRONG CHOICE, as my son pointed out). I re-learned a lot about gram negative,gram positive and MRSA protocols.
The drug was switched once the doc actually read the lab report *it was the weekend*        :(
and she was kept another 5 days on a more appropriate antibiotic.

then- she became more confused. Doc and I discussed the ethics of forcing her to continue the
IV treatment. She pulled it out several times. Didn't want to be there any longer.
fair enough- back to the nursing home.
She was supposed to continue oral antibiotic- but same old, same old story. It was refused.
Last evening I noted a "blister" on her left shin-ah, no ordinary blister. This sucker is the size of a small orange. Almost like a small water balloon.  So far it hasn't broken.
I'm seriously thinking this might be the start of more problems.

But we can't force her to do anything. Heck, she barely puts her legs up-much less lay in her bed.  There is a lot of bargaining, explaining and pleading. 
It remains her choice. her life.

tough to watch.

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