Wednesday, 9 May 2012

the dark sky

I  watch the sky. Every morning I do a 360 of the sky (limited due to trees and an increasing amount of tall buildings) Sight lines are really important to me. South and west are where many of our spring/summer storms come from. Sometimes they come from the north, but that is more often in winter (even then they dodge the city and head under the lake-thus somewhat protecting the city)

The sky is a dark, deep slate gray right now. But not a terrifying colour.

here is a link to an easy-to-understand site with cloud  photos with an explaination
(nicely uncomplicated)

Pup has just nabbed my second piece of peanut butter on toast with an amazing cranberry/orange marmalade on top.   oh pup.....................impulse control please!   I realize that it was left  too close to the counter edge.  My bad-the temptation was too great!

Tomorrow my 4th pup graduates. It has been confirmed.
His photo album from puppyhood to day of recall is ready. Letters were created describing our first days together and what an amazing dog he is/has become.
I didn't want to make the the client uncomfortable so I didn't mentions that he is the

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