Thursday, 10 May 2012

bittersweet graduation

This evening my fourth foster pup graduated.
For the first time I had another member of my family come with me- my youngest son drove us there. Tonight I know he fully understood the remarkable impact these pups have on their human partner.  Lives are  changed.

I can't do this anymore.

After the graduation ceremonies my son and I met with the client. We chatted and  I offered a gift bag containing a photo album of pup since he was 7 weeks old,two small bags of dog treats and poop bags . The soft spoken slightly more than middle-aged man. told us that this is his 5th  service dog. Their trip home will consist of travelling through two large airports and a three hour bus shuttle home. They will be exhausted. Pup will be bewildered. But maybe not.
I wonder how the air will smell different for him?  Prairie land.

Pup was so thrilled to see me,in fact, over the moon!  The trainer helped take his harness off so he wasn't in 'work mode" and could just be a happy boy!
I was intensely sniffed up and down a million-trillion times. He started at my right foot,moved up the leg, back down to the foot and up again-both legs! Then he looked me directly. He grinned.
He laughed. He chortled !  His bum wiggled with joy. He jumped up and circled me over and over.
We gazed into each others eyes. Just before we left, I crouched down, held his adorable sweet face in my hands, looked deep into his mahogany  eyes and told him to be a good dog.     Our gaze held.

As we left I could hear his high pitched yelps of dismay.  Mum was leaving.  but I didn't look back.
It still is loud in my head.

oh pup. please be a good dog.    a fantastic dog in and out of harness.
Guide with insight. (now THAT might be a play on words for a seeing eye dog)!
and please may the client adore,love,comfort,teach,touch this dog gently and offer him regular opportunity to "run with the wind".
he loves to run. he loves mushed up soccer balls.                                       please.    


I love you Dog.                                now really, do we LOVE dogs?   do they "love" us back?

                                                              * dog of my heart *

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