Monday, 16 April 2012

windy,windy day

Pup experienced high winds today. His ears flip-flopped like aeroplane flaps. It was a little scary for him and he took he few moments to settle. The nose was lifted  to catch scents. I was discombobulated too. It's hard to think when it's windy.

The temperature gauge in my car read 27C.  So it was windy AND hot AND humid.
I picked a friend up,drove her to work (gave us time to chat) then pup and I went to a nearby off-leash park. There were only three other dogs there and not much running was happenin'.
My favourite thing is to walk the 4 corners of the dog park and enjoy watching all the dogs follow me. It seems they like to keep moving,certainly makes the visit more interesting. I did re-call several times and dear pipsqueak came every time.  Sweet boy.

A visit to a outdoor store (packed with fishing,camping,hiking clothes and supplies) followed. It wasn't too successful in terms of "store-strolling" as pup lay down on the cool tiles,closed his eyes and didn't want to move.  I had a grand time trying on hikers and didn't have to worry about pup shifting about.
One lad there remembers my last dog and bless him, also remembered my mist of tears when I told him of his re-call at 9 months.  He asks every time how I am doing. He also asks if pup is where I want him to be in terms of training. He "gets it".

The Buddy Guy concert that we booked- so long ago- was fabulous.
Intimate, Satisfying Blues.
Our eldest came home for 2 days, may each visit be as good as this past weekend.
Live Blues can not be duplicated on a CD.
The simpatico of the audience was incredible. There was a wide range of ages,and bless lady made her way through the crowd using a walker.

My son, managing a delicate health issue, is himself a gift of magnificent proportions and that is most the remarkable. He has just had a first article published in a respected scientific journal.  Nice.      Congratulations son.

The troubles of life that carry such heavy-weight when first revealed, do, with time, either get resolved or you learn to cope. 



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