Tuesday, 24 April 2012

transit superstar

Last evening I popped pup's service dog in training jacket on him and we started to walk.
Not sure where we were going nor where our final destination would be, we just walked. We skipped across a really busy dark, sloppy wet intersecton with plans to buy a new furnace filter at a nearby store.  However, it wasn't pleasant out and  got horrible very quickly.  High wind, rain, sleet,freezing rain teeny tiny puffy bites of  snow.
It was best for mutual sanity to drop into a warmer place.  The subway was the closest and it made sense.  I had the favourite knapsack with supplies in case of an "accident" so in that respect I felt confident.  A few dollars and the new cell phone. Down the loooooong escalator, waited for the subway for a few minutes (the trains coming in interest him and a treat or two worked at distracting him) and then we were on our way!  Pup was perfect. It wasn't busy,we stayed on to the end and then switched lines. No concerns, but again it was not crowded. Pipsqueak lay down with head on paws, totally relaxed.  Time to get off, up an escalator and over to the buses.  I gave him an opportunity to pee at the curbside ( no-go) and in 10 minutes our bus eased up for the 5 of us waiting to go home. again, pup was perfect.  We moved to the back of the bus, up to the higher back half (he was calm on those 3 steps as the bus was moving)  We stayed on as the driver did the entire loop. Soon I will try this again at a slightly busier time. Still no courage for rush hour. Slow and steady for pup and I.
When we got off the bus and while we waited for the light to change I shouted 'jackpot" and oh what a fab boy he was, so good, so perfect, what fun, and pup got several handfuls of small broken treats as celebration. We danced at the curb!
Everyone should have a jackpot!

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