Wednesday, 4 April 2012

such grand success

Pipsqueak and I have just returned from a late lunch-in a restaurant!  Can you believe it?
We did it-finally.
A friend accompanied us for a 2 hour lunch. Pup was fantastic. He was a tired pup from our long hike yesterday (thank you sun, for your shine) and a walk with another labbie friend this morning.
Pup settled on the floor beside us (in a corner) and no one knew he was with us.
Last week I checked with chef/owner and his immediate response was "absolutely"
I heard "absolutely not".                 (talk about anticipating in the negative)
Chef's dad had a seeing dog until last year (both are now elderly and his dog was retired) we were more than welcome.         darn, I feel good.
The golden borscht soup was amazing. Pup just kept on sleeping, even through the turkey club with the turkey was cut 3/4 inch thick and the "real thing"! add some cranberry relish, avocado,bacon and fresh slightly sweet dark bread.  I am full and satisfied with my day.
It's simple for me to be satisfied.  :)

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