Sunday, 8 April 2012

a fabulous Easter

Once I recovered from night-shift fog (this time only one shift*thankfully*) the weekend went really well. Elder son came home for 48 hours and his company was very much enjoyed. Youngest is still writing exams and in fact has his 3rd tomorrow morning
 (good luck son)
so he stayed at his "house' to study.

Due to my eldest's influence I have become a more inventive cook. Not fussy, just trying to add more flavour and be less  'Anglo-Saxon boring'.
Lamb with orange zest,garlic,leaves from my ancient Bay Laurel tree,red wine (we reduced the 'sauce" to make it thicker),baked fennel in a triple cheese sauce topped with breadcrumbs,red and white new baby potatoes (boiled then roasted in the oven with butter,fresh ground salt and parsley),S&S slow-cooked red cabbage with apple, a small turkey (and that "never ending turnip", of which my eldest and spouse could eat whole plates of it and nothing else-yuck) (but i love them so I cook it!).        I think I've missed something.....
Leftovers were snuggled carefully into take-out style containers and sent back with one son and then delivered to the other son. (he also got pulled pork that I cooked on Friday)

I also made a simple bread pudding, don't ask me how, but I messed it up.
How to fix?  now, this is where my new found brilliance improves my meals!
I feel cooking should be innovative (which means errors can be fixed/missing ingredients can be substituted) MY FIX: a large bowl of frozen raspberries with a good "pour" of real maple syrup and heated in the microwave, stirred, heated again, stirred.....  (what I won't say is that it actually got "reduced" because 3X I let it heat too long and  3X it boiled over!- it was only in a minute at reduced 30-40% power -oh! what a mess)  however the maple syrup did not over-power the berries and we poured it over cut up squares of bread pud.  wow!  fantastico!
Pup was crated only while we ate. He is still not to be trusted near food and counters,unless he is watched carefully. A frozen toy that had been stuffed with peanut butter kept him well occupied. The added liver sprinkles were a bonus!
This evening as son and the various packages of food as well as fresh laundry and birthday gifts were delivered by my spouse, pup and I went for a night walk.
We've noticed the last week that he is calmer,more attentive, happier to settle when I want to stop and talk to someone or answer the cell. Patient. Self-control.
sweet pup
My studying son sent me a text as we were on the walk, so I stopped to read it.
(hey! they made chocolate covered bacon last evening !) (I had guessed bread)
It was a busy road for some reason tonight and as a large, noisy, vibrating kind of truck barrelled up the hill I was really startled. I jumped and thought "oops-not good for pup" but  ah, no worries, pup didn't even twitch.
sweet pup
The though of him leaving (re-call) has been lingering in my thoughts this last week.
It could happen in 4 weeks. It has me worried as I am highly intuitive and frequently correct.   Hope I am soooooooo wrong this time.
sweet pup (as I hear him twitching in his sleep & wonder what he is chasing?)

My plans to run away remain unchanged.     :)

A happy week to you.

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