Thursday, 19 April 2012

common stuff

Not sure if anyone is allowed to complain about the common cold anymore. It's common.right?
but, wow! this one has laid me flat. It almost feels like a flu,almost,but not quite. Chilled and tired adding the overwhelming need of kleenex creates a drippy unsocial situation .
I will definitely put the blame on the discombobulating wind from the other day. It's not the first time this has happened to me. Mum was right-I should have worn a hat! and don't wash your hair before going out! get enough sleep!  and finally I will say "don't work shifts!"

now, while the link below doesn't mention getting ill from working shifts I think it's between the lines. Also, it ticked me off as nurses were not mentioned. We never are. Invisible (mostly) women.

Pup and I haven't gone on any outings. We've managed a few walks in the neighbourhood and my spouse has taken him the last few evenings  for a forestwalk/field run. I had big plans for 2 community meetings in a row and cancelled both. Darn-it would have been good practise for pup.

We're doing our best.

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