Thursday, 12 April 2012

cell phone secrets

lesson of the day

do not
Repeat, do not decide to wash a smelly,stained dog-scented coat at midnight-just because you want to look (and um smell )good the next day....
 (kept thinking i wouldn't need it any more would wash it when there was time  or remembered)
Lest you don't understand, a few weeks ago the temperature here was up in the high 20'-
Who thunk that I would have to keep wearing my winter coat? The apricot tree has blossomed,there are huge buds on my roses,we've already cut the grass,the cat stays out all day but then we had white rain >>>>rain that's wanna be snow. 

I did this particular wash very quickly at midnight.    

checked all the pockets,

forgot I had walked pup quite late @ 2330    (2200 is his usual last outing)

and still had my cell phone in the inner pocket when we did that last outing.
it had been removed to be charged for the night and slipped back in the pocket for the late night walk

the dive that I made towards that washing machine was of Olympic proportions
I was fantastic

yup, phone got washed/damaged 

 little secrets are OK right?   only the dog knows.

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