Sunday, 22 April 2012

blown coat

I knew it was on the way.   It was time.
Now patiently waiting, with twitchy eagerness for a spring winter watch warning.  Tommorrow morning might be an interesting event. We are planning on switching on the S.A.M.E dedicated weather radio to hear morning updates before driving.
The lawns have been cut twice,tulips are at their best, the buds on numerous trees are swollen with the beginnings of life. My gardens are forcing their way upwards eager to be sun-kissed.  Looks like there will be no sun-kissing tomorrow.  Rain, snow and high winds are expected. Pup has been advised that this,  now, will be his true FINAL 2012 winter frolic in snow. 
When i came home from work this morning pup had started to blow his coat. it seemed to happen overnight. I brushed him enough in 10 minutes to create a small cat!  I left his fur outside for the birds to use in their nest construction. More brushing  tomorrow and maybe the wind will blow it away :)

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